Ambulatory BP Monitor

What is It?

An ambulatory blood pressure monitor is a test performed to check a persons blood pressure usually over a one day period.

How Is It Done?

The test is performed by attaching a blood pressure cuff around a persons arm. This is attached by a tube to a small box that the person usually wears on their belt. This box controls the cuff and blows it up every 30 minutes during the day and every hour at night. It then deflates the cuff and records the blood pressure. The blood pressure readings for the day are then retrieved and reviewed by a doctor.

Why Is It Done?

The test is done to assess a persons blood pressure during a normal day. It can help to diagnose whether a person has high blood pressure and the extent of control of this. It does also allow the blood pressure to be measured when the person is asleep and to see if this alters in the usual way.